Ny Garav Krycket

Please be aware this is full of errors!

Original – litteral

I was walkin’ down the street
Yth esen vy ow kerdhes yn-nans an fordh

Concentratin’ on truckin’ right
Ow prederi yn desedha ewn

I heard a dark voice beside of me
Y klywis lev tiwl rybov vy

And I looked round in a state of fright
Y miris adro yn unn plit a own

I saw four faces one mad
My a welas peswar enep, unn o serrys

A brother from the gutter –  
Broder a’n londer

They looked me up and down a bit
I a viras orthiv yn-bann hag yn-dann.

And turned to each other
Hag I a treylas dhe bub erell.

I say

I don’t like cricket oh no
Ny garav Krycket.  Na Vyth

I love it
My a’n gar.

I don’t like cricket no no
Ny garav Krycket. Na Vyth

I love it
My a’n gar

Don’t you walk thru my words
Na Kerdh dre ow Geryow

You got to show some respect
Res yw dhis diskwedhes revrons

Don’t you walk thru my words  
Na kerdh dre ow Geryow

‘Cause you ain’t heard me out yet
Defrenn dha vos na’m glywas hwath

Well he looked down at my silver chain
Ev a miras orth ow hadon(f) arghans,

He said I’ll give you one dollar
Ynmedh-ev My a’th re unn dinar

I said You’ve got to be jokin’ man

Ynmedh-vy ty ow kul ges, den

It was a present from me Mother
Hi o ro a mamm ger

He said I like it I want it
Yn-medh-ev “My a’s gar, My a’s vynn”

I’ll take it off your hands
My a’s kemmeres dhe-ves dha dhewdhorn

And you’ll be sorry you crossed me
ty a vydh moredhek, ty a’m sorras

You’d better understand that you’re alone
Res yw dhisso aswon, ty yw dha honan

A long way from home
pelder a tre.

And I say
Ha y Lavarav,,,,

I don’t like reggae no no
Ny garav reggae. Na vydh

I love it
My a’n gar

I don’t like reggae oh no
Ny garav reggae. Na vydh

I love it
My a’n gar.Don’t you cramp me style
Na lett ow gis

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